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User Karen Ingish Asked:

I have a Christmas snowman (about 4 feet high) with a power adapator that fell and cracked and I need to replace. It's an AC Adaptor Plug in Class 2 Transformer Model AD-1202000AU Input: 120VAC 60 Hz 200mA Output 12 VAC 2000mA P/N GJE-AC57-124 It also notes Listed 8G10 (could be a 9G10) E200322 The plug in is two little fllatish and one roundish. (?) It's definitely not a barrel plug in. It runs the power for a light for fiber optics in this decoration. Do you have anything like this? I've looked all over. Thanks.

Our Technician Answers:

High K*** All te power supplies we carry have either a standard 5.5mm x 2.5mm DC connector, or a 5.5mm x 2.1mm Dc connector. For any non standard, you would need to cut off the tip that comes with it, and splice on a different one using electrical tape.. it is quick and easy...

User Daniel Brightman Asked:

Do you have any power supplies with a different connector than the 5.5mm one in your listings?? My mini router uses 12v power adapter a slightly smaller barrel connector.

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Dan. Yes, almost all our power supplies are available with a smaller plug. We list the 5.5mm x 2.5mm one on most pages because it is the most common, and covers 95% of all devices. We can however, if you request it, send any of the units with a smaller 5.5mm x 2.1mm blug. The 2.1mm represents the inner barrel diameter, and should work with some smaller devices. If you are unsure, I would recommend ordering the standard one however because it does cover almost all unit, and even devices that need a 2.1mm plug will actually usually function with slightly bigger 2.5mm one. Also, for larger orders, we can custom make any connector size.. This is possible for orders of 100 units or more, and will have a 10 day lead time. I hope this answered your questions.

User Sanford Erickson Asked:

Does the output plug come with a choice of polarities? I require the centre connector to be + positive and i don't want to have to re-wire unless necessary.

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Eric... All the connectors on our 12V power supplies follow the standard polarity, which is center positive. This means the inside of the barrel is positive, and the outside is negative... It is possible to switch the polarity by cutting the 2 wires, and switching them around and reconnecting them with electrical tape... This is safe and effective.

User Keith Merrill Asked:

My sit-down Everlast (Brand) exercise machine needs a replacement AC adaptor to power a simple "electronic" display which shows speed, mileage, etc. which are measured, I'm sure, by the speed and revolutions of the pedals. But I can't find a replacement with similar Numbers. There are all kinds of 12v adaptors around but I haven't the knowledge to know how specific one must be to order a replacement (amps etc.). Following is all the data printed on the label: AC adaptor Class 2 transformer, model ADB-0900500. I/P AC 120v 60Hz 9W. O/P 9V 500mA. Thanks for helping me out. Based on your reply (including if you will, if you have the replacement part and your price) I can then move ahead accordingly. Keith Merrill

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Keith... Unfortunately we don;t carry anything that is 9A...

User Mike & Missy Asked:

My husband is a paranormal investigator so I am constantly searching & purchasing audio, video, & surveillance equipment, so I actually have a couple of questions. Any assistance &/or advice you can give will be greatly appreciated. (1) While moving, I ran acrossed an AC/DC power adapter (all by its lonesome) with the printing: Model # DY-08050/ Input: 100-240 VAC (50/60Hz) Output: 8volt--500mA. Do you have any idea what device this might be for? We're thinking it could be for one of the Canon ZR500, or ZR700 camera's but are not prepared to chance plugging it in w/o further advice. (2) We are also searching for a mini portable power source ( to charge) in order to power wireless mini DV camera/camcorder's, & IR lights. Lightweight enough to "dangle" from the Swann wireless surveillance camera's would be GREAT! But ANY suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please respond at your earliest convenience, & we thank you for your assistance. Respectfully, Mike & Missy PostScript: Listed below are devices they would need to power: (1) Swann wireless camera's,(2) Sony (Handicam/Mini DV's/DCR/DVD's/Cybershot camera & Hi-8/S-VHS-C/ & VHS-C (3) Canon (Elura,ZR500/ZR700/DCR/DVD-100/DCR/DVD-200/& ELF series. (4) & a few misc. camera & camcorders (DGX/Olympus/Sylvania/Panasonic) Thank you again! Respectfully, Mickey & Missy

Our Technician Answers:

Hi MIke and Missy. While I cannot answer about specific devices and brands, I can let you know how to find the power supply you need yourself. All you need to know is the Voltage of the device, and the Amperage it uses. The voltage has to be an exact match, so if your devices uses a 12 Volt power, you will need to use a 12V power supply. Amperage on the other hand, is a minimum number. For example, if your device uses 9 Amps, you can use a 9 Amp adapter, or a bigger one.... So a 10A power supply can handle an 9A, and 8A, a 7A, load etc... The device will just pull what it needs... So if you match the voltage and amperage, the device will work...